Food Allergy Test


Identify food allergies with Viva Wellness Center’s test. Measure IgE antibodies to common allergens like lactose, shellfish, and nuts. Consult a healthcare provider for accurate diagnosis.

Find out if a food allergy is triggering your symptoms with Viva Wellness Center’s Food Allergy Test. Our test measures your immune response to common food allergens, including lactose, shellfish, and nuts, by detecting Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies released by the immune system in response to allergens. Combined with your symptoms and history, this test offers insights into your body’s reactions to help guide better dietary choices.

Note: This test is not for those who have had serious allergic reactions to the foods listed. Contact a healthcare provider or allergist immediately for further evaluation if you have experienced severe allergic reactions.

Having measurable IgE for a particular allergen does not guarantee a reaction upon exposure. Generally, higher IgE levels indicate a greater likelihood of a true allergy but do not predict symptom severity.

IgE testing alone cannot diagnose an allergy. Interpret results with a healthcare provider or allergist and discuss them before making dietary changes or a diagnosis.