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At Viva Wellness Center, your health and well-being rank as our utmost priority, and we’re dedicated to assisting you in optimizing your self-care.

Teaming up with the esteemed Labcorp laboratory, we assure you that all examinations undergo processing in adherence to the most stringent quality standards. Labcorp’s renowned excellence in laboratory testing ensures your complete trust in the accuracy of your test results.

Our team comprises highly qualified and seasoned professionals, ready to create a welcoming and affable environment during sample collection. At Viva Wellness Center, we recognize the invaluable nature of your health and are steadfast in delivering laboratory testing services that are both convenient and precise.

Don’t hesitate—schedule your examination with us today and take a pivotal step toward a healthier and more mindful life. Viva Wellness Center is here to serve you personally, offering the attention your health deserves. Your journey toward improved health begins right here with us.

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Identify food allergies with Viva Wellness Center’s test. Measure IgE antibodies to common allergens like lactose, shellfish, and nuts. Consult a healthcare provider for accurate diagnosis.

Identify potential allergies with our Environmental Allergy Test, measuring IgE antibodies to assess your response to common allergens.

This dual-function blood sugar and cholesterol test aids in evaluating your susceptibility to both diabetes and heart disease.

Assess your hormonal balance through an FSH blood test, measuring follicle-stimulating hormone levels.

Experiencing low energy levels? Discover if you’re deficient in essential vitamins and minerals.

Testing your hormones starts with a simple TSH blood test.

Are you embarking on a weight loss journey? Discover your baseline in health.

Start feeling your best with a comprehensive blood health test.

This thyroid test can reveal valuable insights into your overall health.

This Fatigue Test can illuminate potential imbalances, providing valuable insights to help you investigate your symptoms further.

Monitoring progesterone levels aids in tracking ovulation cycles.

Curious whether your symptoms signal menopause? Our test offers clarity.

Uncover your immunity levels against five infectious diseases through our convenient 5-in-1 immunity panel test.

Monitor your overall health with these essential routine tests.

Explore fresh approaches to managing your health with a fast and convenient diabetes blood test.

Measure your total testosterone levels to optimize your health.

Viva Wellness Center’s women’s health test delivers vital insights from within, guiding your journey to holistic well-being.

This blood test for men offers a comprehensive look at your wellness.